Best Books on Relationship of Homoeopathic Remedies - Welcome to such a unique section of B Jain where we present to you the books especially published for showing the relationship within the remedies. Books such as Drug Relationship by C B Knerr, Relationship of remedies and sides of the body by Gibson Miller, B K Sarkar’s clinical relationship of drugs with their modalities are in the market with many others.

It is important to have the knowledge about medicines and their relationships with other so that the second prescription comes out to be the correct one. Stalwarts have given relationship of remedies which can be studied under many headings such as Complementary, Inimical, Remedies that follows well (after), Remedies -followed well by, Compatible remedies, Remedy antidotes, Remedy is antidotes by, Collateral Relation (belonging to the same family ), Concordant remedies. As important as it is to memories the medicines, the same goes out to the relationship part as it is the most sought after topic for competitive examinations too.

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