Nosodes & Sarcodes - Nosodes are the medicines derived from an element of a disease or from diseased remedy made from an infectious disease product either directly from the bacteria or virus, or less directly from a tissue purported to contain it. Hahnemann was the first to discover the nosode 'Ambra grisea'. Thereafter, earliest experiments with nosodes were carried out by Constantine Hering. Hering performed the first proving of Psorinum on himself. He originated the method of using a miasmic agent as a basis for a remedy, and it was he who coined the term 'nosode. Since then there has been many people who have worked on nosodes and curating their works in books for homeopathic fraternity. From  O. A. Julian to H.C Allen, from Berkeley Squire to Burnett there are plenty of books written for the help and enlightenment.

SARCODES in Greek means ‘fleshy’. Sarcodes imply protoplasm of animals as distinguished from vegetable protoplasm. In homeopathy some of the Sarcodes are proved medicines. They are made of healthy animal products and their preparation mostly obtained from healthy endocrine or ductless glands or normal secretions of living human organs & lower animals. The secretions are mostly hormones. The study of sarcodes is one of the most grey areas of materia medica which must be explored. The information on sarcodes have been presented all over various books like of Berkeley Squire and Chaturbhuj Nayak’s focusing on its background, source, preparation, proving and sphere of action, applicable clinical conditions, characteristic features, symptomatology, suitable dose and potency with experiences. The books will be immensely helpful to clinicians, teachers, students as well as researchers.

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