Organon of Medicine is a book that lays down all the laws and rules to practice homoeopathy.

It is also known as the Bible of homoeopathy. 

The word Organon has been derived from the Greek word ‘’Organum’’.

Before Dr. Hahnemann, this word was used by Aristotle in his compilation titled ‘’Organum’’. Later Lord Bacon Francis used this title for his book called ‘’Novum Organum’’ meaning a new instrument of knowledge. Influenced by these 2 Dr. Samuel Hahnemann named the title for his Magnum opus on medical philosophy to Organon of Medicine.

After conducting personal observations and experiments, Hahnemann published his new account of homoeopathy in book form in 1810. The original title of the book was Organon of Rational Art of Healing. 

In 1819, the second edition was published, with the revised title Organon of Healing Art. The third edition (1824) and fourth edition (1829) kept this new title, while the latter introduced Hahnemann's "Theory of Chronic Diseases".

The fifth edition was published in 1833 and included the doctrine of vital force and -dynamization. The sixth edition, written in 1842, a year before his death, was retitled Organon of Medicine and not published until 1921.

The Organon of medicine contains information in the form of aphorisms and footnotes.

There are two parts of Organon of medicine-

  1. Theoretical part – aphorism 1-70

  2. Practical part – aphorism 71-291

Many stalwarts have translated the book of Organon of Medicine into different languages.

Some of the best and easily comprehensible books on Organon of medicines are written by R. E. Dudgeon, Stuart Clause, Samuel Hahnemann, J. T. Kent, Dr. M. P. Arya, Dr. G. Nagendra Babu, Thomas Lindsley Bradford, Henry Clarke, Stuart Clause, Farokh J. Master and many more.

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