Group Study In Homeopathic Materia Medica

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Author: J D PATIL
ISBN: 9788131901700
Imprint: B.Jain Regular





One of the many ways to study Materia Medica is by grouping the medicines. This makes the study of Materia Medica easy. Benefit from the author's long teaching experience, this book is specifically tailored to meet student's needs. Concise, direct and exhaustive. ...Read More

One of the many ways to study Materia Medica is by grouping the medicines. This makes the study of Materia Medica easy. Benefit from the author's long teaching experience, this book is specifically tailored to meet student's needs. Concise, direct and exhaustive. It is the modern day FARRINGTON, simple, easier to understand and remember. The age old concept of "Group study in Materia Medica" presented in a new, lucid and more readable style. 

Each family, kingdom, Nososde sarcode is explained under appropriate headings like introduction, classification, uses, patho-physiological action, characteristics, mental and physical generals, general modalities, clinical condition and relationships.

Key features-

-It is a unique compilation that presents schematic overview of group-wise study of drugs included in the homeopathic Materia Medica. 

-It concisely presents the most important aspects on the subject of group study at a glance. 

-It features: drugs from animal, plant and mineral kingdoms; Sarcodes and Nosodes explained; 

-Schematic diagrams depicting important symptoms of medicines from each kingdom; flow charts and tables for quick references and easy recall; and comparisons and differentiation between drugs from the same kingdom.

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Pages 646
Format Paperback
Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
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    Sep-12, 2023

    shivani chauhan

    Really Good book for group study its very descriptive

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    Sep-12, 2023

    dr amir

    It is a excellent book for homeopathic group study

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    Sep-12, 2023

    Sweety thakur

    This book contain more new group like rubiaceae, apocynaceae, liliaceae group. In this book flow chart is given which are very helpful to read. Basic introduction is given. Introduction of Bach flower remedy also given. Must buy if you are Pg student.

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    Jun-24, 2022

    Dr Divya Kumar Verma

    About the reviewer- Dr Divya Kumar Verma B.H.M.S. M.D. (Hom.)(Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangaluru, Karnataka) S.C.P.H. (United Nations). Experience – 10 years of clinical experience in government dispensary through Classical Hahnemanian Homoeopathy. Dedicated to Dr E. A. Farrington, this book is a systematic representation of study of various groups mentioned in our materia medica. Book starts with introduction to materia medica followed by introduction to group study where he mentions the need and advantage of group study. Further sections are divided into 1. Animal Kingdom 2. Plant Kingdom 3. Mineral Kingdom 4. Nosodes 5. Sarcodes 6. Bach Flower Remedies. Each section follows the pattern of generals to particulars. In the starting of section author describes the broad kingdom types followed by description in the format as follows - 1. General theme of particular kingdom 2. Introduction 3. General action 4. Classification 5. Ailments from 6. Sphere of action 7. Patho-physiology 8. Characteristic Symptoms 9. General modalities Author very systematically describes the kingdom under these headings. After this general chapter on kingdom, author describes various particular groups in the format as follows- 1. General theme 2. Introduction 3. Myths and Facts 4. Classification 5. General features of constitution 6. Ailments from 7. Sphere of action 8. Patho-physiology 9. Doctrine of signature 10. Characteristic mental symptoms 11. Characteristic physical symptoms 12. General modalities 13. Therapeutic value Author follows this format throughout this book so it is easy to refer any particular section in very less time. This book is rather a systematic tool for reference and is one of the unique works. There are very few books written on group studies and this one is a pioneer work. Another important aspect of this book is concise summary of each and every section separately after the end. Everything is so systematic for easy reference. As students learn new medicines a lot of information comes around. This book will always help students to systematize the received information. “A room without books is like a body without a soul” – Cicero. This book is definitely going to give soul to every student’s library.

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Dr.J.D. Patil is a well-known author and teacher in homeopathic field. He is a highly qualified principal and was the former director of s.w. maharashtra university of health sciences, nasik. He has 36 years of teaching experience for ug and pg courses in homeopathy. He is a guide and post graduate teacher for m.d. and phd homeopathy. He has been a much sought after teacher not only in maharashtra but also in many other states. He has many best seller books to his credit like gems of... Read More

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