Defeat Insomnia

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Monica Jane Shalit, Natural Health Therapist, Author andEducator Both in her daily life and natural therapy practice,Monica Jane Shalit embraces a mind, body, spirit philosophy. Sheeducates people about the importance of creating a harmonious andhealthy life, which includes the role of our spiritual journey andintegrating with nature. Monica utilises many modalities to helppatients achieve healthy outcomes. It has been her privilege totravel throughout the world teaching, connecting and sharing withpeople from all cultures. She has also been a sought after speakerand educator on radio for 30 years. Defeat Insomnia is Monicassecond book.

Jeanette Leigh, Author, Journalist, Blogger Jeanette Leigh hasdevoted more than 20 years to researching and writing about healthand is a passionate believer in the effectiveness of a holisticapproach. The power of the stories in her five health books,newspaper articles, and website,, haveimpacted the lives of people around the world. People are inspiredby the array of possibilities available to help themselves andtheir loved ones. Jeanette says it is a joy to be able to assist inthis way and she has seen people with aggressive disease turn theirlives and health around by adopting the approaches andpractitioners that she has recommended.

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