Swaroop never originally intended to become a teacher, but after becoming a mother and then returning to study at the age of 37, she realised that she had something unique to offer. She saw first-hand how some methods of teaching can create stress in children, which then makes its way into the family. Swaroop therefore went into teaching to accomplish two goals: to help make children more resilient through life skills education, and to bring new methods to teaching that would help students and their teachers reflect, imagine and build their sense of personal worth and agency.Realising that she could reach more children by not being tied to one specific school, Swaroop has pursued an eclectic teaching practice that has allowed her to reach a diverse range of children – including children on the streets, in rural communities, in labour, If awarded the Global Teacher Prize, she would form a think tank to create and promote special curricula for pre-vocational education (PVE) in primary schools. This will aim to ensure that children are informed about a variety of possible occupations wherever they live in India. This think tank would share findings internationally for use in other countries, where they are directly related to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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