Mr. V Krishnamurthy

Dr V. Krishnaamurthy, is not new to homoeopathic world. He has distinguished himself by his scholarly papers; 'Diseases of Females', 'Legal Medicine in Homoeopathy'. 'Cancer and its Cure', which have been published in various journals in India and abroad. Besides this, his book 'Learn Homoeopathy the Easy Way has been praised by students and practitioners alike. Dr. Krishnamoorty has now turned his attention to Bach Flower system and he is currently working on the system and doing independent research in the same. This work of Dr Krishnaamurthy is a compilation of his experiences which provides the readers a practical approach towards homoeopathy. It enlightens the effects of homeopathy in various clinical conditions such as Diabetes, Gout, and Sterility etc. The efficacy of this work is enhanced by the elucidation of the actual treated cases. The teachings of Dr. Krishnaamurthy are exact and accurate. He writes in down-to-earth language and in a matter-of-fact way.