Synoptic Reference- The First 500 Remedies

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ISBN: 9782874910227
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The aim of SYNOPTIC REFERENCE is to present a wealth of information in the homeopathic materia medica in a concise but thorough manner. 

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The aim of SYNOPTIC REFERENCE is to present a wealth of information in the homeopathic materia medica in a concise but thorough manner. 

In Synoptic Reference 500 remedies have been selected from over 6000 available remedies, ranging from the most traditional to the very new. Some are well-known with many uses and others are rare and little known. All are presented with a host of useful information. Moreover, some remedies do not appear in an appreciable way in any other materia medica. 

The remedies occur in the following divisions –

Plants- 274  

Minerals -132,

Animals - 64 Animals, 

Nosodes- 18 Nosodes, 

Fungi- 10 Fungi

Imponderbilia – 2

This accurately reflects the proportion of various kingdoms and groupings in the entire homeopathic materia medica that plant kingdom is by far the largest, followed by minerals and then animals. 

Highlights of SynopticReference book by Frans Vermeulen

- An extensive section on Source and Substance includes the latest scientific names as well as accurate and up-to-date placement in the appropriate kingdoms or groupings. 

- Correlations between source and symptoms are in a “Prisma-like” fashion. 

-Characteristic features are described which helps in prescribing and comparison with materia medica, clarifying and highlighting the importance of certain symptoms in the materia medica. 

- A completely new feature, the PLUS GROUP consists of several distinctive characteristics or symptoms that define the remedy. With each added symptom, the possibility of this being the desired remedy increases.

The Materia Medica is subdivided into 4 Sections, which are Mind, Generals, Sensations and Locals. The sections contain individualizing characteristics and key symptoms. 

Symptoms are derived from both clinical and proving symptoms for a balanced approach. 

Repertory rubrics are up-to-date, being derived from the Synthesis Repertory in the Radar OPUS program. Additional information is obtained from a wide variety of international Materia Medicas.

A book structured but adapted to assist the overawed student in studying and the busy practitioner in retaining the essentials.


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Pages 1750
Format Hard Cover
Imprint Homoeopathic Essence
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Frans Vermeulen was born in July, 1948 in Den Helder, Holland. He graduated from teachers training college in 1970. He worked as a schoolteacher until 1978 and had already started to study homeopathy at Stichting Klassieke Homeopathie in Den Haag. He continued to study homeopathy until 1983 although he had been running his practice since 1979.Frans started to translate homeopathic books for work and pleasure. Between 1983 and 1996 he translated English and German homeopathic books, including... Read More

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