Symphony Of Homoeopathy

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Author: Dr S G Biju
ISBN: 9788131939635
Imprint: B.Jain Regular





The book 'Symphony of Homoeopathy' is a stepping stone towards a uniform practical guideline which is a need of the hour to establish care and a standard of treatment. This book by Dr S G Biju, a leading practitioner from Kerala, is an attempt to have clinically verified protocols for various diseases ...Read More

The book 'Symphony of Homoeopathy' is a stepping stone towards a uniform practical guideline which is a need of the hour to establish care and a standard of treatment. This book by Dr S G Biju, a leading practitioner from Kerala, is an attempt to have clinically verified protocols for various diseases evolved from his more than 25 years of hardship and experience in homeopathy. The book elucidates the obstacles faced by Dr. Biju during his homeopathic childhood. It is both illuminating and rewarding to read about the ways in which he has handled and overcome the challenges in life.

If one Homoeopath could give relief to his patient with one particular medicine in a specific potency and dosage without compromising on philosophy to give such a relief then that could be repeated all over the world by all Homoeopaths. If a guideline helps to find the right remedy in order to achieve the permanent cure, then one such guideline should be prepared. This book is a call to each homeopath to prepare their own protocols and bring forth a standard of treatment for each practitioner across the globe.



 One of the sections of the book deals with the management of acute emergencies. It will make you more decisive as the number of medicines and drugs are restricted on the basis of its effectiveness

- The book gives a clinical approach towards the application of the miasms in practice.

- Various temperaments and miasms have been depicted with the help of various sketches.

Various types of prescriptions have been categorized under 3 headings: Drug, Medicine and Remedy. You will get an idea about what to do in each case in this section.

Session III is dealing with miasm and its combinations and it will be the most simple and funny section of this book that lead you to Miasmatic constitutional prescription through shortcuts.

We are in need of a trustworthy materia medica based on clinical confirmation. You will never miss a remedy, if you follow Disease, patient and person pattern in chronic cases. Moreover, this book is a desktop reference for acute and sub- acute management of chronic cases including classical prescription in acute disease.

Pages 493
Format Paperback
Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
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    Sep-28, 2023

    Dr sagar tiwari

    "I am Dr Sagar Tiwari, a young and aspiring homeopath who has recently read the book Symphony of Homeopathy by Dr S.G Biju, published by B.Jain publication. This book is a masterpiece that has enlightened me about the art and science of homeopathy.The book is a memoir of the author’s journey as a homeopath. The book is written in a captivating and lucid style, with anecdotes and examples that illustrate the principles and practice of homeopathy. The book covers various aspects of homeopathy, such as the clinically understanding of miasms , case taking, follow up , simple understanding of the common complaint which any homeopathic physician faces during his practice and he has given appropriate remedies with their explanation and has provided many remedies with the potency also . The author also shares his own protocols for treating various diseases, such as hairfall, diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, asthma, etc. He gives some rare and clinically verified remedies for each disease .He also explains the dosage, frequency, and duration of the treatment for each case. The book is a valuable resource for the youngsters who are very much confused about homeopathy and who are having difficulty in finding an exact similimum in homeopathy. The best part about the book and also about the author is that the author is not only trying to give his 25 years of clinically verified experience but he is also trying to bring a standardisation in way of treatment which we find in the modern allopathic system. The book provides a clear and scientific approach to homeopathy, which can help young homeopaths to gain confidence and competence in their practice. The book also inspires young homeopaths to learn from the author’s life story, which is full of challenges and achievements. The author has shown how he overcame the obstacles and doubts that he faced in the beginning of his career as a homeopath, and how he achieved his vision of creating a symphony of homeopathy in the world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in homeopathy, especially the young and aspiring practitioners. The book is not only informative, but also motivational and entertaining. The book has inspired me a lot and I wish in future that I could go and assist and learn a lot under him. That’s what my dream is."

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    Sep-12, 2023

    Md Faisal

    Secrets and Success of homeopathy you need to know!

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    Sep-12, 2023

    jignesh Patel

    Good for knowledge to know homopathy and administration

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    Sep-12, 2023

    Somu chatterjee

    It's a high level book on homeopathy.diseases with their exact potency of remedy mentioned Dr Biju hard work and experience in tackling acute to chronic cases is seen through this book.

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Dr S G Biju

Dr. S.G. Biju (MD) founder of SAHYA (School of Artistic Homoeopathy for Youngsters and Adults) is an ardent, seasoned and passionate Homoeopath practicing since 1992. He is an Assistant Professor in the department of repertory in WMH Medical College, Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu. He is a proponent of unique and individual approach 'Treatment maximizes success and minimizes side effects'. His result oriented approach can be seen by the cures cases of almost 5000 Hepatitis-B positive patients. He has... Read More

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