How To Take A Case

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Author: Caroll Dunham, M.D. (1828 - 1877)
ISBN: 9788131901144
Imprint: B.Jain Regular





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this book is the first independent attempt on seeking thermal response in homeopathy. the thermal modality of the patient is an important axis for the drug selection. Includes thermal modality, thermal mechanism of body, thermal materia medica and thermal therapeutics.

Pages 32
Format Paperback
Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
Weight 100

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Caroll Dunham, M.D. (1828 - 1877)

Dr. Dunham graduated from Columbia University with honours in 1847. In 1850 he received M.D. degree at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York.While in Dublin, he received a dissecting wound that nearly killed him, but with the aid of homoeopathy he cured himself with Lachesis. He visited various homoeopathic hospitals in Europe and then went to Munster where he stayed with Dr. Boenninghausen and studied the methods of that great master.He was a voluminous writer. For twenty-five... Read More

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