How To Cure The Incurable- New Lives For Old

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Author: James Ellis Barker
ISBN: 9788131902257
Imprint: B.Jain Regular





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The book answers all your questions using conventional scientific theories from experimental data like why and how does homeopathic dilution maintain its “information” even after the point of Avogadro's number and etc.

Pages 357
Format Paperback
Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
Weight 100

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James Ellis Barker

James Ellis Barker ( May 9, 1870 – July 16, 1948) was a British historian, journalist, lay homeopath and naturopath. He was also an alternative cancer treatment advocate who promoted the idea that cancer is caused by autointoxication from chronic poisoning and vitamin starvation. Barker was taught homeopathy by John Henry Clarke. He became an influential British homeopath and took over the editorship of The Homeopathic World from Clarke in 1932. He renamed the magazine Heal Thyself... Read More

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