Homeopathy Through Harmony and Totality - Volume 1 (2nd Edition)

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With immense pleasure, we offer the fourth creative specimen from Dr Ajit Kulkarni, the earlier three being ‘Absolute Homeopathic Materia medica’, ‘Body language and Homeopathy’ and ‘Homeopathic Posology’. With his book- ‘Homeopathy through Harmony ...Read More

With immense pleasure, we offer the fourth creative specimen from Dr Ajit Kulkarni, the earlier three being ‘Absolute Homeopathic Materia medica’, ‘Body language and Homeopathy’ and ‘Homeopathic Posology’. With his book- ‘Homeopathy through Harmony and Totality’, Dr Ajit Kulkarni explores the science and the art of Homeopathy to get a wider view of Homeopathic principles, Human structure and Practical side of homoeopathy in the larger scheme of things. One is amazed to see the multi-dimensional aspects of the healing therapy of homeopathy and how it embraces human existence in terms of evolution as well as the biologically inherited and environmentally induced spectrum of diseases. Through the Law of Similars in medical science, Dr Ajit Kulkarni has positioned the salubrious value of homeopathy in a convincing manner, by appraising the curative principle of Similia as followed in several medical disciplines. Dr Ajit’s assertion that the Law of Similars stands as a connecting thread between all medical therapies is a worthy note. Dr Ajit Kulkarni draws special acclaim for his clarity of style and meticulous care in explanations. He has presented the classical homeopathic literature in his inimitable style backed by his long clinical experience woven into the fabric that renders a strong message of the enormous utility of homeopathy.


A clear description of the connection between the laws of nature on which homeopathy is based simultaneously underscoring the importance of indivisibility of humans

- An appraisal and justification of the fact that the curative principle of Similia followed in several medical disciplines stands as a connecting thread between all medical therapies is a worthy note.

- An exploration of the multi-dimensional aspects of the healing therapy of homeopathy and how it embraces human existence in terms of biological evolution as well as inherited and induced spectrum of diseases

- His unique chart on miasms based on the energy pattern precisely summarizes the essence of miasms simplifying Miasmatic understanding’ for homeopaths- a concept which remains among the most difficult points in homeopathic training and practical work.

- A thorough coverage of the essential ‘Study of dispositions and personality types’ 

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    Feb-08, 2023

    Dr Mansoor Ali K R

    Dr Ajit Kulkarni beautifully explains how to integrate the science and the art of homoeopathy for efficient practice through this book. The book effectively explains the relationship between the natural laws upon which homoeopathy is founded and emphasises the significance of the indivisibility of human beings. The author’s chart on miasms based on the energy pattern perfectly captures the essence of the idea in its genuine spirit as “Miasmatic comprehension,” which continues to be one of the most challenging concepts in homoeopathic education and practice Dr Mansoor Ali K R Approved Practitioner-Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates.

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    Feb-08, 2023

    Dr S K Tiwari

    The chief principle of Homoeopathy i.e. the Law of Similars has been discussed aptly, giving the reader new insights into this basic topic such as Individualization andCo-relations between Ayurveda and Homoeopathy, Trinity in Holism with special reference to Trio etc. which are explained in a very lucid and novel manner. Emphatically it presents the principles of Homoeopathy and their application, scope and future of homoeopathy, the study of Mind through stress, various emotions, Materia Medica as well as Repertory in this book. Overall, I find ‘Harmony in Totality’ Vol I a very logical book to perceive the multi-dimensions of Homoeopathic philosophy and Practice. Dr S K Tiwari, M.D. (Hom.) Author of Essentials of Repertorization, Boenninghausen-Boger Final General Repertory and various other books

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    Feb-08, 2023

    Dr M K Sahani

    My acquaintance with Dr Ajit Kulkarni began when I was his PG guide and it deepened with the course of time. During our every interactive discussion, I realized the depth of energy within him and capacity of perceiving the subjects in depth. His quality of understanding lies within the acute perceptive mind. Definitely I feel proud to be associated with a great scholar who happened to be a student and now I observe him to be the Guru in Medicine.” Dr Ajit Kulkarni, with his vast information system within mind brings the gigantic treasured knowledge in the most simplified manner. The information is useful for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and practitioners. Dr M K Sahani A senior physician and a deep thinker, Patna, Bihar

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    Nov-28, 2022

    Dr Nishikant Vibhute

    Even though I have been trained in mainstream medicine and working as a psychiatrist, my interest in the holistic aspect of medical therapy has always been there right from my first year of MBBS. I attended many webinars of Dr Ajit Kulkarni and I really liked the holistic way of thinking, analysis of the patient, the use of body language in clinical practice and overall management of the patient. My interest in Homeopathy motivated me to read Dr Ajit Kulkarni’s book. "Homoeopathy Through Harmony and Totality" Volume I is an excellent book which explains the holistic and integrated approach of Homeopathy. It not only allows one to understand the philosophy of Homeopathy, but also gives us a clear picture of the laws on which the Homeopathic science is based upon. In the book we understand the deeper connecting bonds between homoeopathy and Ayurveda, Yoga and many more branches of science. It is an immense treasure for those who want to learn different psycho-dynamic processes which are behind important emotions like anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, etc. Through this book, we also learn to convert the verbatim of a layman into an appropriate rubric; which proves vital in reaching correct diagnosis of the medicine. The book is not only a rich source of knowledge, but also a guide which helps us to walk on the path of healing.

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    Nov-23, 2022

    Guy Tydor

    What has ‘Homeopathy Through Harmony and Totality’ to offer to a Homeopath? ______________________________________________________________________________ Guy Tydor, RCHom This homeopathic masterpiece of the second volume of “Harmony in Totality” by Dr Kulkarni is a magnificent guide towards the study of ‘Methods of Prescribing’ and ‘Homeopathic Materia medica’. The first volume was a compendium of philosophy, thoughts, discussions, instructions, basic ideas of dispositions and personality, the study of emotions and clinical tips to benefit our clinical practice. The first time I received the new two PDF files of the "Harmony in Totality" volumes for a pre-publishing reading, I was eager to read them. It has been more than 18 years that I have been working with Dr Kulkarni's writings and I have collected hundreds of hours of listening, discussing and debating with this sincere homeopathic master. But now, having these precious words and knowledge written in front of me, wait for reading, rereading and restudying, I was curious. "You have no time to waste Guy, get into the study mode!"- I heard my voice. With Dr Kulkarni's "Absolute Materia Medica", we had a dive into a different way of approaching the study of remedies: a build of a structure, in which every single symptom is connected to the whole picture and no symptom remains disconnected. This Materia medica builds a matrix that exhibits a remedy in 3D and allows us to understand the remedy from different angles and all through explanations of the interdependency. I would say ‘Absolute Materia Medica’ is a wonderful opportunity to get into the minds of Dr Tarkas and Dr Kulkarni and hence increasing our understanding of homeopathic remedies and thus our work in practice. LAWS OF NATURE We all know everything is connected! We all share a holistic view and a deep understanding that Dr Hahnemann’s genius discovery was and still, the biggest contribution in Medicine yet. Our great teacher, Dr Hahnemann made it clear through his writings that the most important principle amongst the Laws of nature he applies in his new method is “Totality of Symptoms”, which was first introduced in paragraph 2. This principle is no other than the holistic principle of existence, and Dr Kulkarni is clearly guided by it in his path. Now we have three new insightful volumes of “Harmony in Totality Major writings of Dr Kulkarni” which keep paving the path back to the classical approach to homeopathy. ARYA NAGARJUNA The famous Indian philosopher, Ven. Arya Nagarjuna, who dealt with the holistic view from the human perspective, explained in his canonical book “Mula Madhyamika Karika”: “Whatever is dependently co-arisen That is explained to be emptiness. That, being a dependent designation, Is itself the middle way”. In this phrase, Nagarjuna explains that there is nothing that exists without a cause and without a clear dependence on another thing, that is to say, everything, every phenomenon is empty of self and by definition, depends on it’s causes. Dr Kulkarni’s teaching reflects the same. No mind or organs exist separately, no separation, no dualism, no different diseases in one patient or one remedy. Every symptom, every phenomenon is dependent on the other symptoms in the one and whole picture. There are no different entities in the one- Just one continuous motion. Everything is connected and every symptom has its causation and resulting symptoms. This is Kulkarni’s ‘Monogram’. CORNUCOPIA This cornucopia is not only about data collection but also about data processing and deeper study of homeopathy. Contemplation of the contents of Vol II indicates how deeply the author has delved into his favourite subject of Materia medica which has been presented through Monogram, Group study and Individual remedies. An instant look at Tarkas-Kulkarni Materia medica may seem as an ordinary desktop guide, but a thorough study of it brings us to a totally different level of understanding. Our precious repertoire of remedies reveals the glory of Hahnemann: The Materia medica as a collection of various Law-of-nature appearances. This new volume of “Harmony in Totality” can be referred as a guidebook to Dr Kulkarni’s understanding of the homeopathic Materia medica, or as a display window to the “Absolute Materia Medica”. I was fortunate to enjoy hundreds of hours of discussion with Dr. Ajit Kulkarni about the scientific aspects of homeopathic principles and holistic existence of phenomena. We discussed homeopathy through the eyes of various philosophies and Ajit’s amazing gift to grasp the whole picture of a given remedy, its processes and order is unique to our generation and shown well in his teachings. UNIQUE WAY OF WRITING Dr Kulkarni searches for the individual appearance of each symptom in every single remedy or group of remedies and its phase of existence comparing to its cause and effect. ‘Mind and Above’ addresses the mysterious mind to be unfolded through the study of dispositional characters of Human beings and Emotions. The author has rendered a unique way to study basic emotions interwoven wonderfully with Materia medica, repertory and illustrative cases. Here is an example from the practical section: One might search for the straight symptom in the repertory when his patient exposes his "Prudence" or "Disgust" in the clinic. A deep study in the chapter about "Conscience" will open a new thought. What are those feelings? What is the flow that precedes the disgust and what follows it? Do these feelings stand on their own? The same analogy holds true for Anger. This expression is much deeper than a flat symptom that contains some dozens or hundreds of remedies. To find the right remedy, we have to understand anger in its various aspects so we can exclude remedies that do list under it in the repertory but have no resemblance to the origination and manifestation showed in a patient. This is well explained in the book, aside from some examples of concomitant symptoms of ‘Anger’ in various remedies. GEMSTONE OF SIMPLICITY AND SINCERITY At the outset, Dr Kulkarni writes deeply about Data processing and Prescribing as the beginning of the practical issues through • Objective analysis: 20 points of Data Processing • Acute Prescribing: Challenges and Solutions • Intercurrent Prescribing • Keynote Prescribing: An Overview • Body language: Talking Hands • The Tool of Defence Mechanism • Failures in Homeopathy: Reasons and Resolutions Each specimen is a Master piece and I am sure every reader will get ample knowledge of practical value. The second part is all about the beauty of Homeopathic Materia medica. Dr Kulkarni’s exposition is deep and wide and brings forth many ideas, concepts, clinical tips and instructions. In sub-part I, Dr Kulkarni begins with the magnificent Monogram, which is the DNA of every remedy, the codes which describe the mode of action (MoA) of the remedies, the natural way of actuality of the remedies. I find the monogram as the most important contribution to the study of remedies of our generation. This method brings homeopathy back to the talk with science, nature and art. Sub-part II contains 10 lectures of out-of-the-box thinking and analyzing of some of our polycrests and some smaller remedies’ personalities and their modus operandi. Sub-part III is all about families and groups. As a follower of the great Dr E. Farrington, I am fortunate to study Dr Kulkarni’s teachings. The resemblance between the wide perspective of the two, cannot be overlooked. As far as I understand Dr Kulkarni's new book, it is just a short glimpse into one of the most important works in our profession- the big “How” of Materia medica study. Homeopathy in the 21st century is going through both positive and harmful changes. More and more methods are born, invented or established while basic Laws of cure are sided or ignored. The combination of Art and Science is fading away with the blindness and dazzle caused by the distortion of the Art. Each and every one of us, the standard-bearers of Homeopathy must not forget that the only way to utilize the Art is by having a good and sound science, free of assumptions and empty theories, speculations and subjective views that have not been proven. This book stands true to its name: "(understanding the) Harmony in Totality". A book like "Harmony in Totality" is a Gemstone of simplicity and sincerity which I consider as a "Must ponder and apply book". It doesn’t matter whether your daily work with Kulkarni’s “Absolute Materia Medica”, Kent’s, Farrington’s, Hahnemann’s Pura or any other Materia medica, reading Dr Kulkarni’s approach will surely benefit your study and practice. Guy Tydor Classical Homeopath RCHom Israel

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Dr Ajit Kulkarni M.D. (Hom.) is Director, Homeopathic Research Institute, Pune, A veteran homoeopath, an academician and a famed international teacher. A classical Homeopathic physician, he has been practising for 35 years. He has given over 100 international seminars and workshops in different parts of the world. Dr. Kulkarni is co-author: Absolute Homoeopathic Matera Medica, Five Regional Repertories: AIDS, DM, Thyroid, HTN and Trauma . Also, author of Body Language and Homeopathy, Homeopathy... Read More

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