Easy Anatomy For Exam Preparation- MBBS, BHMS, BAMS (Nursing), BPT, BSC (MLT), B Pharm/D Pharm

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Author: Dr Ladda S. P
ISBN: 9788131924327
Imprint: B.Jain Regular




If you are a medical student, you surely will be well aware of the importance of human anatomy in the field of medicine and surgery. The book provides a lot of knowledge of human anatomy in a systematic and consolidated manner. A simply presented book on the ...Read More

If you are a medical student, you surely will be well aware of the importance of human anatomy in the field of medicine and surgery. The book provides a lot of knowledge of human anatomy in a systematic and consolidated manner. A simply presented book on the subject ANATOMY for first year medical students.

What to Find In the Book?

- In this book near about 300 two mark questions, all five, ten marks questions and Long Answer Questions are written in a simple and easy way.

-Easy memorizing tips and simple ideas to draw diagrams are given which makes it unique in its own way. Every system of human anatomy is well explained and easily understandable diagrams are placed at suitable places.

- A book not only for theory examination but best for viva preparation. Oral questions answers have been rearranged and updated for various universities.

- The book has been thoroughly written according to the need of homoeopathic students and syllabus provided by Council (CCH).

This book is not just theoretical but practical as well which makes anatomy digestible. Talking about the uniqueness this book holds is that a lot of Anatomy books are available in the market and as well as PDF online but most of them are more likely to be journals and are somewhat difficult to understand, but this book explains all the concepts in a very systematic manner making it completely user-friendly and user-oriented. It is a unique guide for all medical faculty students especially for exam preparation.

So in every sense the system of human anatomy is well explained with easily understandable diagrams in the book, hence justifying its name.

Format Paperback
Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
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    Nov-24, 2022

    Dr. Ladda S. P.

    To Know More About the Book Please Watch this Video: at following links https://youtu.be/nqvRehD5NfQ ................................................ https://youtu.be/H3_eAkN4pHs

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    Nov-22, 2022

    Mayur Waghmare

    I am Mayur  Waghmare, studying in the 3rd year of the MBBS at international school of medicine,  Bishkek ,Krygystan. I am preparing for my FMG exam. As you know it is very challenging to prepare for this examination. As my first year friend from India recommended the book " Easy Anatomy for exam preparation - by Dr. Ladda S. P. " , for reference in concern with Anatomy subject for this exam. This book really helped me a lot. This book is really unique in its own way, the way Questions & Answers are explained, They are very easy to memorize. This book is really easy to understand to all the students , not only first year medical students but to those also who are preparing for the FMG and other medical exams. This book really solved my most of the doubts as i'm preparing for my FMG exam and it will help you too. Thanks Dr. Ladda sir and very much thanks to publisher B. JAIN PUBLUCATION for publishing this much easy book for medical students , to completely eradicate the fear of very difficult subject ANATOMY.

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    Nov-03, 2022

    Naheed Raj

    As soon we attend our first few classes of anatomy, there is much confusion about the subject. Remembering good many words at a time. Remembering long long sentences is actually getting difficult. After going through Easy Anatomy for Exam Preparation, we friends get relaxed. Thanks sir, for writing this much important and easy language book for first year medical students on Anatomy subject. Surely this book will help the students to overcome the fear of this hard subject

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    Oct-22, 2022

    Naheed Shaikh

    I am Bhms 1st year student.......before 4 mnth I was in great depression....due to my back exam of anatomy and I have heard about this Easy anatomy exam preparation book by Dr Ladda . And decide to buy and started studying from it....and got result before 5 days and I finally cleared my Anatomy paper.....by studying from this book....superb and wonderful book i have seen before .....pneumonics are best tricks are wonderful.....so mine personal advice is that every 1 st student from medical field should have this book with them for exam preparation....and Thanks to Dr SP Ladda sir for giving this wonderful book as Vardan...

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    May-29, 2022

    Dr Pravin Dhage

    Very nice n explanatory anatomy for medical students, this book is useful for dental students also. Please add BDS on front page. Few diagrams like carotid triangle of neck are to be highlighted and little bold and bigger. Thank you

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Dr Ladda S. P

Dr Ladda S. P., is Associate professor in ANATOMY. He came across the difficulties faced by the students in learning anatomy as the terminology is new for them. In a single class they are supposed to remember so many new words. He made some funny and simple sentences in order to memorize the topic. It helped a lot of students. Not only for his college students but forthe benefit of all students, he wrote this book, which will make ANATOMY, the most easiest subject.

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