Dr. Aditya Pareek

Dr Aditya Pareek, MD (Horn), a third generation homeopath is director of Pareek Hospital, Agra (India) which caters to an average of 250 out patients every day. He has been a lecturer for GVS in Munich, Germany since 2017 and is regularly invited to deliver seminars across Europe.He has presented Scientific Papers in France, Argentina, South Africa, Germany and Italy. He is a Working Group member of the LMHI and scientific committee member for the upcoming world homeopathy day conference in Latvia in 2022. His work is a balance of clinical as well as academic activities and he is on the editorial board of "The Homeopathic Physician", official journal of LMHI read in over 60 countries. Dr Aditya Pareek is the current national president of the "Indian Society of Homeopathy"Dr Aditya Pareek was awarded Dr B K Bose Memorial award by the Indian Homeopathic Organization in 2018, Dr Jugal Kishore Memorial Award by HED Society in 2016, Malati Allen Award by Allen trust, West Bengal in 2013 and Academic Excellence award by the Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians in 2012.