Expanded Work Of Dr. E.B. Nash

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A unique presentation to embrace the different works of Nash in a single volume to facilitate convenient reading of the master's total work. The book is divided into 3 parts-

-First part dealing with materia medica

-Second part presents the repertory of chest and respiratory system along ...Read More

A unique presentation to embrace the different works of Nash in a single volume to facilitate convenient reading of the master's total work. The book is divided into 3 parts-

-First part dealing with materia medica

-Second part presents the repertory of chest and respiratory system along with case studies

- Third part describes the methods of case taking and some respiratory diseases.

This is a compilation of some really worthy literature in Homeopathic materia medica written by Dr Nash which includes-

-Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics

- Regional Leaders

- Leaders in Respiratory Organs

- Leaders in Typhoid Fever

- Leaders for the Use of Sulphur

- The testimony of Clinic

- How to Take the Case & to Find the Similimum.

The purpose of this work is to make practical inroads to a systematic understanding of materia medica, enabling the student to differentiate between the more and less important symptoms. A useful repertory and case taking discussed in separate sections adds to the practical utility of the book. The entire text has been presented in a manner that will facilitate convenient reading of the master's total work all at one go, maintaining the essence of the subject.


- Exhaustive discussion on each remedy with respect to its drug picture, keynotes, therapeutic indications and case references

-  More important symptoms in bold, lesser in italics and least in roman

-  Case references with their source

- Therapeutic index for common reference

-  Repertory of the diseases of respiratory system included

- Comments on various diseases discussed with special reference to their case taking.

Pages 962
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Imprint B.Jain Regular
Language English
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    Sep-12, 2023

    Ajeet Kumar

    Good book for practice and to compare the medicine specifically

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    Sep-12, 2023


    Excellent book for any homeopathic physician who wants to get better results in practice. Enjoyed the book and it will be a great reference book got the clinic. Excellent differentiation of remedies. Five stars for sure!

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    Sep-12, 2023


    Must have book for a homoeopath.

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    Jun-24, 2022

    Dr Anum Zaheer

    About the reviewer; Dr Anum Zaheer, B.H.M.S., MD (Hom), PGDEMS, Gold Medalist, Homoeopathy Heals, Pune. She is now the face of Homeopathy not just in Pune City, but all over India. She is a versatile Homeopathic physician specialized in treating various chronic conditions with a patient-centric approach. She is also engaged as guest lecturer at Dr N.M.Patel Homeopathic Medical College, Gujarat and is one among the most sought after teaching faculties for various homoeopathy programs and webinars both in India and internationally. Parts of book: Book is divided into 3 parts I Part- Materia Medica containing more than 250 drugs II Part-Repertory of chest & respiration system along with case studies which includes chapter chest, cough, expectoration, respiration, nasal symptoms III Part- Respiratory disease & methods of case taking which include diseases like catarrah, laryngitis, croup, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis In Preface Dr Nash himself said that he don’t claim this book to be perfect & offers criticism to himself Objectives of book: • Good prescribing in uncomplicated cases by use of characteristics symptoms • Every symptoms has its pathological significance & sufficient reason for prescribing on that symptom. • Concept of dose is variable & vary patient to patient, physician to physician, if they fail must blame themselves not author. • Condemn abuse of drugs both in old school & ours • Sound head , honest heart led to give Homoeopathy largest place in physician’s confidence and practice Salient features of book: After contents therapeutic index is given where indicated drugs written in front of clinical conditions Abortion- Vib, Acon, Sabina Deafness- Kali.Mur, Phos, Caust, Arnica, Phos Later in materia medica keynotes given from Abrotanum to Zingiber Example- Acalypha Indica- cough with expectoration of bright blood in the morning, dark in the evening Acetic acid- passes large quantity pale urine with intense thirst, dry skin Apart from that comparative materia medica is given , being fever remedies aconite has dry hot skin, no sweat ; Belladonna has greater surface heat but sweat on covered parts, aconite toss in agony , belladonna stupor jerks, twitches Weak area of Aconite is head, where as in bellladonna everything settles in head. Aconite has fear of death unlike belladonna has imagination & delirium. Respiratory therapeutics of the drug given along with comparative materia medica which is written in bold; example- Catarrah of aconite- Acute bronchitis- At last resume of drug given which includes pointers what we learnt about remedy, in some drugs therapeutic modalities also given. Example- After stool- followed by comparative material medica Part- II Repertory of chest, cough, expectoration, larynx & trachea, nasal symptoms, whooping cough, respiration CHEST Abscess- Axilla (clinical condition, location given) Lungs Mammae ANXIETY – in general remedies Time modality given Mental modality given Side modality given Rubrics like PAIN, are given Part III Comments on various disease & remedies, cause, symptoms, diagnosis of disease is given. Diseases like catarrah, laryngitis, croup, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, given along with miasmatic cleavage, therapeutic & homoeopathic approach to the condition is explained One of my favourite parts is “how to take a case & find simillimum, importance of observation, family history & locations in clinical practice along with examples. Dr Nash elaborated about constitution, temperament & how inevitable they are in totality of case, he praised Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket book as well. A very interesting section where patients language converted into rubrics like effort to think made mind seems blink- aggravated by mental exertion, not just mental but particulars too example stomach get sour- sour eructation Finally in summary he advocated necessity of thorough case taking & case working out, skillfull application of remedy relationship, how important simillia similibus curantur is in prescribing and homoeopathy is valuable in line of prophylaxis

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